Board of Trustees & Cadets Meet with Tito Herrera

On Tuesday, November 15th, Mr. McDonald, Chairman of the Board of Trustees met with Dr. Tito Herrera in San Salvador, El Salvador while on a business trip as part of a delegation from the United States Committee for Refugees and Immigrants that is focused on serving repatriated Salvadoran youth in El Salvador. Dr. Herrera attended […]

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This year we are using a different professional photographer who has been taking the formal photos at Wentworth Military Academy and College. Photo packages are available for purchase from Heidi Lynn Photography by clicking on the link below and browsing through her various catalogs. Heidi Lynn Photography is located in Lexington, MO. You may […]

US Army SROTC FTX Photos

Photos by Cadet Eugene Stayt

Wentworth Veteran’s Day Ceremony Photos

Photos by Cadet Eugene Stayt

Veteran’s Day at the Truman Library Photos

Photos by Cadet Eugene Stayt